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From Garth Trinidad – last day of Chocolate City’s KCRW fund drive

August 15, 2008

hey folks –

want to make sure you’re all aware of kcrw’s annual summer sign up. this is when we ask listeners to consider monetary support by signing up as members of kcrw, or renewing their memberships. memberships last for one year and the benefits are great if you use them.

believe it or not, this is still how the station generates most of its operating budget. in a nutshell, because uncle sam doesn’t want to support public broadcasting like kcrw, institutions have to rely heavily on the public to operate. once the people stop investing, corporate interest takes over and cats like me start getting told what to program…i pray that day never comes.

please consider taking some time out this saturday evening (i’m on from 6pm-9pm) and either becoming a member, or renewing your membership. there are a ton of gifts we offer in return, sweepstakes for 5-star vacays and new cars, bonus freebies, concert tickets, and of course, lots and lots of great music! all of which you can hear us talk about on the air, or you can check out online – you can sign up online as well, but fyi, we still have human beings answering the pledge phones and the 800 # is toll free of course.

i recommend asking for uncle garth’s stellar 4 pack of cds for a pledge of a c-note ($100). my pack includes:

  • the roots/ rising down
  • seun kuti/ seun kuti & fela’s egypt 80
  • os ipanemas/ call of the gods
  • zaki ibrahim/ eclectica ep

you can put together your own 4 pack of cds if you want. we have hundreds of titles available and the folks answering the calls have all the info at their fingertips. there are of course other levels at which to pledge that vary from $25 into the super-baller thousands. whatever you can do is greatly appreciated! PLEEEEAAASSSE consider the need for public broadcasting institutions amidst the corporate media agenda. please tell your peoples to consider supporting as well. i look forward to thanking you on the air…

call: 800-600-KCRW (5279)

gracious thanks!!