Idle Warship LA show review

January 22, 2009

By Morgan Wells of The Other Night

Jan 13, 2009

Idle Warship is hotter than New York pavement in July. Fronted by Talib Kweli and two of the finest ladies in the underground right now – Res and Graph Nobel – and backed by an incredible live band, this high energy, danceable heat wave will have you so enthralled you’ll forget to wipe that nasty sweat drip from your forehead. But for real, I headed for the Roxy in West Hollywood anticipating a crop of surprised smiles on the faces of my music industry friends as they were sure to find themselves actually listening to the music at an event for once instead of concentrating on frantic Blackberry emailing and keeping that look of detached LA-cool.

I had seen Idle Warship’s show at New York’s famous BB Kings venue only a few weeks back, and I’ve been buzzing about it ever since. And, to put this in perspective, I am usually one of the Blackberry addicts in the back of the VIP, barely looking up as the parade of blah blah blah rambles on through the stage. I was excited (yes, actually excited for a show in LA) when I found out Kweli was bringing his newest project to the Roxy in West Hollywood for a full length set, so of course, I hit the shops for a new top, which turned out to be a beautiful, flowing, scarf-like, blouse, off the shoulder with a flower print. Ok, too much detail, but damn, my camera broke last night, and I looked fresh! 😉

Anyway, I arrived at the Roxy about 11pm with my good girlfriend Lara Kelley from MTV Digital Sales in tow. I was pleased to see my girl Asya’s company Fusicology on the marquee (Go Girl) as we walked up and into the show with no problems. I havr to say that I was floored by Idle Warship once again. Highlights of the set included the very single-worthy “Steady,” which features a little singing part by Kweli (Go Boy) and a crazy rendition of Kweli’s solo hit, “Get By.” Oh, and “Black Snake Moan” is freakin ridiculous.

I cannot say how much I love this band. It’s fun ass music that the hip hop heads can get down to without feeling guilty because they can technically still be “hard” since it’s Talib Kweli. I say, throw all that fronting out the window and get your soul clap on. Remember to wipe that sweat off your brow, though, baby!



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